HR M&A Communication Employee Meetings: Announcement, Day One, and Post-Close

HR M&A Meetings

Critical communication meetings with employees occur:

  1. Announcement Day
  2. Close Day
  3. After Close–Benefits Briefing

These meetings are prime opportunities to inform people, engage them in the transition process, and answer any questions they may have. Therefore, these sessions should be planned carefully.

When it comes to sharing information with employees, it’s a “pay now or pay later” proposition. Time invested up front in communications is time wisely spent. Without adequate information, people will cook up all sorts of wild rumors and create unnecessary stress.

It’s important to remember that mergers and acquisitions are not democratic processes. Employees don’t have a say in the deal and they don’t get to vote on things that matter to them. In fact, most acquired employees feel that the deal is being done “to them” instead of “with them.” To help them feel more engaged and involved in the process, it’s critical that you . . .