• Key Milestones
  • Timeline
  • April 19 Is the Day We Are One
  • Event Schedule April 20 And 21
  • Agenda for Global Town Hall
  • Guidance for Field Force and Shift Workers
  • Day One Employee Kits for Local Implementation
  • Day One Employee Welcome Package for All Employees
  • Day One Reporting Lines Reflected Minimal Change
  • Pay and Benefits “Grandfathered“ Until January 26
  • Exceptions 2  “Grandfathering“

April 19 is the Day We Are One

Event: Vote


  • Acquired Co. shareholders council votes on Acquirer offer

Event: Close


  • Legal agreement that all contractual conditions for the deal are met
  • Deal irreversible, can start directing the company

Event: Effective date


  • Certificate of merger submitted to State Secretary of Delaware

Event: Day 1


  • Day 1 event & town halls

Event: Settlement


  • Acquirer transfers funds to agent who pays out Acquired Co. shareholders

Pay and Benefits “Grandfathered” Until Jan. 26

  • Current Acquired Co. HR policies will be “grandfathered” (i.e., remain intact until December 31, 2026)
  • Employee pay and benefits will also be “grandfathered” until December 31, 2026
  • Transition to Acquirer policies, compensation and benefits will be decided and communicated within the next 6 months
  • Transition will be coordinated globally and determined based on local legislation
  • Within 120 days after close, Acquirer will communicate job levels and pay ranges (Acquired Co. jobs slotted into Acquirer scheme) ...

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