• Meeting Objectives
  • Expectations
  • Drive Run Rolls Detailed Process for Scenario Dry Runs
  • Exit Criteria
  • 2nd Day Feedback Session
  • Process Flow  - The Path of The Scenario
  • Variables Description
  • Framework - Defining the Scenarios
  • Additional Scenarios to Test
  • Scenario Number 1 - XM Satellite Radio
  • Scenario Number 2 - Citigroup , Inc.
  • Scenario Number 3 - Royal Bank of Canada
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Gap Identification and Remediation Template
  • Outlier Template
  • Challenges
  • New / Modified Plans
  • Parking Lot Template

Meeting Objectives

  • Test Day 1 readiness
  • Identify any gaps in our processes and resolve them or develop a plan in place to resolve them
  • Identify any anticipated Day 1 challenges that have not yet been addressed by the teams
  • Give the Customer Support Center staff an opportunity to document any additional “plays” that are required to fill any gaps and address challenges


  • This is not a comprehensive test of all Day 1 scenarios; it is a dry run of some sample scenarios meant to test key Day 1 challenges
  • Not everyone will be directly involved in each scenario, but please remain engaged and meet your in-session deliverable requirements
  • Each team must come prepared to discuss and illustrate all plans and processes in your functional area
  • Cell phone, laptop, and general meeting etiquette rules are in effect


  1. The Facilitator ensures assignment to all roles and people take their places.
  2. The Scenario Owner presents the scenario to the team. He/she describes an event that kicks off the process and passes the Koosh ball to the Panel Member who owns the initial process step.
  3. The Panel Member describes their activity and then passes the Koosh ball to the next Panel Member in the process.

    • Scenario Owner facilitates to ensure the appropriate level of detail and any additional information (e.g. what expertise or tools do you require to complete the activity and where do you get it?)
    • Panel Members may solicit assistance from the SC as necessary; SC may trigger their escalation processes as necessary to engage the Panel Support Network
    • The Executive Council raises challenges or requests clarification as appropriate
    • Observers document any foreseeable Gaps, Challenges, and Clarifications...


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