Five Takeaways From Our Last Meeting
Acquired Co. Differences with Acquired Company
Timeline Pre-Close Timeline
Timeline - Phases
Two Key Integration Deliverables
Agenda for Review with Steering Committee
Plans for Allocating Synergy Targets
Expectations of Team Members/Ground Rules
Key Success Factors for Integrations
Guiding Principles
Integration Planning Architecture
Integration Workstreams Governance
Team Calls – How We Want to Interact on a Regular Basis
Kickoff Meeting Will be the First Interaction Between Acquirer and Acquired Co.
Teams Approach and Objectives of Team Discussion
Next Steps

Five Takeaways from Our Last Meeting

  1. Key Acquired Co. leaders participated
  2. Agreed on timelines and deliverables
  3. Agreed on what data can be shared and mechanism if unsure
  4. Assigned team leaders from Acquired Co.
  5. Learned more about the complexity of Acquired Co.

Acquired Co. Differences with Acquirer

  • US Commercial structure broken out by business unit, but Europe managed as a whole
  • G&A organization and allocation are complex and need to be studied carefully

    • Many G&A functions are Corporate
    • Variety of allocation mechanisms exist, sometimes across divisions, and sometimes between corporate and a division
    • Substantial allocation differences by site as well
  • People retention issues an issue at Acquired Co.

Key Success Factors for Integrations

  • Temporary structure does the integration planning work while the businesses continue to run
  • Single leader for each team, with deputy from other company
  • Use teams and sub-teams to focus work and allow parallel processing
  • Timelines will be based on content of each area – each moves at a pace dictated by issues, opportunities
  • Integration Management Office provides support to make teams successful
  • Teams gather facts, evaluate options, and make recommendations
  • The integration planning structure disappears after close though some teams on long-lead time items may remain ...

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