Guiding Principles
End States

Guiding Principles

Fundamental truth, belief, or behavior that serves as the foundation for decision-making

End State

A vision or aspiration for what this acquisition/integration will yield:

  • Higher sales in our chosen markets because of the new acquired technology
  • Greater opportunities for R&D to have broader impact on the enterprise
  • Higher retention of key talent with improved career paths

Description of Principles

  1. Break through conservatism, drive early sales engagement and R&D work
  2. Solve and elevate major issues promptly
  3. Warmly welcome, collaborate with and "re-recruit" (ongoing) our new colleagues
  4. Inform (head), inspire (heart) and equip (hands) - including salespeople in each region
  5. Value drivers are top priority
  6. This shouldn't be over-engineered; focus on what's most important
  7. Roles and responsibilities are visible and understood, as is progress (vs targets)
  8. Stakeholders will engage (or be engaged) at a consistent and appropriately frequent pace
  9. Monitor progress on agreed KPIs
  10. Recognize this as a "first" and learn from missteps ...


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