Content of M&A Playbook


A listing of who to contact with questions; key phone numbers

  • Organized by functional area (e.g., Finance/Accounting - Expenses, etc.)

Company Profile/Fact Sheet

Hour by Hour

Day 1 hour-by-hour review of actions

Include location, who performs, who coordinates/owns

Communication Schedule/Plan

Matrix of other activities, meetings, key events for Day 1-5

  • Include location, who performs, who coordinates/owns

Core Messages for Customers, Employees, Vendors, Partners

  • Re-affirm confidentiality guidelines for media, analysts, etc.

External communications

  • Copy of press releases, advertisements, etc.


Customer contact plan w/executive points of contact

Customer Q&As



  • What is changing if you are a Acquirer employee
  • What is changing if you are a Acquired Co. employee

Employee Q&A

Business Operations

Non-people/policy changes for Day 1

  • e.g. All agreements use CME standard forms, etc.

Vendor & partner Q&As

Meeting Preparation Kit

Officer briefing orientation slides

Helpful merger tips

Slide titles:


Contents (cont.)

Work Plan

Presentation Table of Contents

Playbook Ground Rules



Next Steps