Goals of Day 1 Onboarding Of Acquired Company Employees

  • Create a positive first impression of NewCo as an employer of choice
  • Build  pride, belonging, understanding, and genuine enthusiasm for working at NewCo
  • Accelerate individual and team performance
  • Design creative ways to make the orientation special, memorable, engaging, and effective
  • Create a sense of  one company, united for a common goal
  • Most likely a series of meetings (may include some on-line components)
  • Provide all employees with logo gifts
  • Involve executives in design and implementation to heighten profile, interest, and participation (not your father’s orientation)
  • Create a celebratory atmosphere

Day 1 Orientation

Educate employees on NewCo:

  • Leadership Team (bios, interesting facts, hobbies, stories, video clips)
  • Organizational Structure (including international offices)
  • Vision
  • Business Priorities and Strategy (When will OCEO and MT determine these for the combined org?)
  • Revenues (how does the company make money? – so employees can help make more!)
  • Brand (both internal and external)
  • Competitors
  • Products and Services (what each company had and what’s possible together)
  • Customers/Members
  • Business Partners
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Compensation and Benefit Information
  • Performance Management
  • Health, Safety, and Wellness Programs
  • Code of Ethics/ Confidentiality
  • Communication (including key meetings, forums, and events)
  • Culture (eight operating protocols)or (how to fit in, avoid embarrassment, and be successful)

What to Avoid in Day 1 Employee Onboarding

  • Employees filling out mind-numbing paperwork
  • A tedious data dump
  • Boring presenters
  • No humor or entertainment
  • Death by PowerPoint (with clip art)
  • Butt-numbing chairs
  • Uncomfortable room temperature
  • Cheap or cheesy gifts and trinkets
  • Facilities too small to accommodate demand
  • Lousy food
  • Not enough time for people to interact during breaks
  • Executives who do “touch-n-go’s” or “flyovers” without any real engagement ...

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