In-depth Human Resources Acquisition Integration Checklist that covers compensation, retention, deferred compensation, severance, health insurance, COBRA, LTD, STD,  401(k), pension, communications, recruiting, data conversion, organization structure, workers compensation, training & development, educational assistance, travel & expense, plus 7 additional areas.


  • Map Acquired Company's roles to Acquiring Company's roles 
  • Communicate changes to salary grade and/or pay adjustments
  • Determine if and what level of salary structure detail will be provided
  • Exec Compensation: new titles and pay


  • Identify Acquired Company's Stay Bonus Candidates
  • Execute Acquired Company's Stay Bonus Agreements
  • Track Acquired Company's Stay Bonus Agreements
  • Process Acquired Company's Stay Bonus Payments

Deferred Compensation

  • Recordkeeping conversion from Acquired Company's Plan to Acquiring Company's Plan
  • Communicate any plan changes due to integration
  • Communicate plan eligibility and provisions in advance of enrollment period 
  • If needed, minimal required changes to Deferred Compensation contracts
  • Key employee determination process and compare to ensure appropriate application this year ...