• Business Continuity Critical
  • Key Integration Challenges as Close Approaches
  • Efforts Made to Stabilize Acquired Co.
  • HR Issues to Address
  • Integration in 3 Phases
  • Pre-Close
  • Breakout Purpose and Objectives

Business Continuity Critical

  • Ensure in-market products and R&D pipeline performance on-track
  • Maintain high levels of service to customers
  • Retain talent
  • Ensure “Day 1” transition and seamless integration thereafter

Key Integration Challenges as Close Approaches

Business continuity

  • Talent retention
  • Employee engagement and clear communication

Acquired Co. HQ

  • Significant restructuring of functions and facilities required
  • Managing complexity of multiple groups experiencing different transitions

Acquired Co. Sites

  • Managing the complexity of Acquired Co’s regional and local Marketing, Development and Supply Chain

Preparing local stakeholders

  • Negotiations with country works councils across Europe
  • Managing local stakeholders as well as media on Day 1 and beyond

Shared services

  • Ensuring adequate support for complex mix of activities at Acquired Co. HQ
  • Sorting out interdependencies between Acquired Co. BUs at many sites
  • Developing shared service agreements between Acquirer divisions ...

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