End State Vision for: 

  • Company
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer Support
  • Engineering
  • Administration
  • Information Technology


  • A lean, combined business going to market with both companies’ leading brands 
  • Product support head and shoulders better than the competition at a much lower cost
  • Products renowned for having the highest quality and reliability
  • Product development customer need-based, not technology or competitively obsessed 
  • Distribution combines direct and indirect channels efficiently with minimum friction 
  • Cost structure optimizes advantages of scale
  • An acceptable shareholder return on assets even in market periods of low volume and low margins 
  • A culture based on open communication and passion at all levels to reduce costs, shorten lead times, increase working capital utilization, raise quality and reliability, and grow the business.

Sales and Marketing

  • Move from product-focused sales and marketing to market and customer-focused (integrated sales and marketing teams regionally organized)
  • Acquirer sales representatives sell both Acquirer and Acquiree’s brands
  • Overlapping distribution channels are organized quickly and thoughtfully
  • Independent distributor selections and terminations are made and communicated in accordance with a well thought out plan
  • Mixing direct and indirect channels considered (high unit value products sold directly with commission to respective distributors) in each market.
  • Sales force is rationalized to provide a single point of customer contact for each customer/distributor supported by product specialists
  • Sales offices and staffs are rationalized and underutilized offices closed
  • Costs are significantly reduced as the advantages of scale are fully realized ...

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