Why Acquired Co.
Market Strength / The People
Combined Strength
Acquired Co. Overview 
Strategy for The Future North America
Opportunities for Employees
Merger Timeline
More Information
What Has Been Determined Thus Far

Why Acquired Co.

  • Expansion in the North American Market
  • Global Service Offerings
  • Continue on the Path of Product Independence

Market Strength

  • High customer satisfaction
  • Strong domestic customer base
  • Geographic coverage in US
  • Robust service offerings
  • Many customers with international operations
  • Brand recognition
  • Product independence

The People

  • 5,000 professionals that are close to the customer
  • Sound sales organization
  • Excellent range of technical skills
  • Exceptional customer service philosophy.

Combined Strength

Acquirer and Acquired Co. North America

  • $550 million annual revenue
  • 5,100 employees
  • 50 offices

Acquirer Worldwide

  • $2.2 billion annual revenue
  • 13,000 employees worldwide
  • 40 countries ...

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