1. Information Technology  
  2. Finance 
  3. Legal 
  4. Human Resources 
  5. Communication  
  6. Marketing 
  7. Sales 
  8. Integration Team Support 
  9. Field Support  
  10. Operations 
  11. Quality  
  12. Facilities 

Information Technology Integration Charter


  • Seamless Day 1 execution
  • Create the structure for a successful IT Integration
  • Discover risks & opportunities to business systems integration 
  • Enable collaboration, gain efficiencies, optimize spend
  • Operationalize IT for long-term sustainability & growth ...

Finance Integration Charter


  • Ensure Acquired Co. operations are sufficiently funded for ramp up
  • NewCo sales maximization
  • Ensure Acquired Co. financials are accurately represented for Acquirer consolidation
  • Determine short term and long-term financial reporting of Acquired Co.
  • Establish Transfer Pricing and Tax strategy
  • Full integration to Acquirer financial systems (short term and long-term)

Legal Integration Charter


  • Understand Acquired Co. current legal process and establish model for future support
  • Mitigate risk and support execution of successful integration of Acquired Co.
  • Support growth of competency in new technology
  • Support optimization of Acquired Co. corporate structure

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