The cost of mergers and acquisitions goes far beyond the financial aspects of swinging the deal. The impact on productivity, profits and personnel in both the acquiring and the target firms is often overlooked. Lack of attention to post-merger issues leads to communication difficulties, operating tangles, loss of team play, power struggles, low morale, and employee bailouts.

It seems impossible that everyone involved can remain completely satisfied when firms are being acquired and merged. But neither does it seem that job stress should measure a 10 on the Richter scale. Surely mergers can be achieved without bankrupting morale, destroying so many careers, or causing so much damage to corporate momentum. Some of the answer lies in knowing, and respecting, the outrageous costs associated with mergers that are poorly managed. Another part of the answer lies in knowing the problems that must be faced, and the most common management traps. Finally, the last part of the answer lies in knowing the things that do work, and the timing for making them work. This book is aimed at providing the answer.