Step 4: Define Integration Strategy and Governance

To what extent should the target company be integrated? Integration matters more in some types of mergers than others, and it matters more in some functions than others, depending on the rationale behind the deal.    

Before a merger is closed, the integration strategy, processes, and the responsibilities of the teams should be well defined.

Typically, the Integration Management Office (IMO) oversees the project. Clients often hire us in the role of integration manager to lead their IMOs. We bring discipline and structure to the merger by setting up and managing the processes for charter creation, issue resolution, quality assurance, synergy tracking, risk management, scope changes, status reporting, synergy program management, and project closeout.    

The PowerPoint presentations and tools in this section cover the duties of the integration teams and the structure of an IMO.  The documents can be easily customized to explain your integration approach to your teams.

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The Fundamentals of a Successful Merger Integration Strategy and Plan
Moving through the transition with speed, focus, and urgency.
The Yin and Yang of Merger Integration
Which is more important, project or people management?
Pride and Prejudice: The Politics of Merging Boards of Directors by Price Pritchett, Ph.D.
Three practices that position your new director group for merger success.

Roles and Responsibilities During An Integration

Roles of different teams, leaders, and task forces in a M&A integration are explained in this two-page document.

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When Should You Use M&A Integration Consultants?
Length: 1 minute 26 seconds 

What Are the Five Types of Integration Strategies?
Length: 1 minute 44 seconds 

What is the Role of the IMO (Integration Management Office)?
Length: 2 minutes 54 seconds 

How Should You Select the Right M&A Integration Leader?
Length: 2 minutes 4 seconds 


16 Slides
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Example of Completed Governance Document and Governance Word Template 

2-page example on how the the M&A Steering Committee and Integration Team will work together to determine governance, their reporting relationship, the process for making decisions, resolving issues, etc.

The one-page Governance Word template is also provided.


Merger Motives: The Logic Behind Every Acquisition
Companies merge for at least one of three reasons.
Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions: New Game, New Goals
Today versus the Old Days.
Plan Early on How to Capture Synergies and Accelerate the Post-Merger Integration
Anticipate issues that could slow the realization of synergies.

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