1. Facilitate executive session with senior leaders to determine planning direction and clarify integration goals, assumptions, non-negotiables, success metrics, and vision.

  2. Define the hierarchy, structure, roles, and resources for the integration project .

  3. Plan and facilitate an IMO kickoff event to formally commence the integration process and officially onboard integration teams by reviewing pre-planning input, rules of engagement, objectives, and methodology.

  4. Teach integration teams a common methodology for the integration, Level set everyone with the same information.

  5. Create risk management plan that proactively addresses major events that could negatively impact the integration.

  6. Perform culture analysis that isolates the cultural risk factors that pose the greatest merger challenges and develop plans to address them.

  7. Create detailed communication plans including detailed Day 1, week 1 schedule, and event sequence.

  8. Develop approach, process, and timing for “Newco” cost and organization structure recommendations.

  9. Create a comprehensive project plan and timeline for all integration activities including a detailed integration road map that includes integrated schedule, budget, and milestones for each functional work stream.

  10. Implement plans and closely monitor the success of implementation with respect to quality, time, costs, and synergies.

  11. Debrief to document and capture key learnings about the integration process.