The conventional wisdom that most mergers fail is dead wrong.

In the webinar, M&A Gets a Bum Rap, Joe Aberger, EVP of PRITCHETT, LP, debunks the commonly held belief that M&A is a loser’s game. He exposes the many flaws in negatively skewed research and provides an accurate, objective view on the true performance of mergers.    

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M&A Gets a Bum Rap, reveals:

  1. How a minority of buyers generate the majority of M&A losses
  2. Who has created the myth that most mergers fail
  3. What five characteristics are shared by buyers that incur titanic post-merger losses
  4. When acquirers typically make the best and worst deals
  5. Why post-merger losses are often due to the very problems executives anticipated rather than the acquisitions themselves
  6. Why “glamour acquirers” tend to perform poorly after their deals
  7. How a merger can fail on paper, but not actually be a failure
  8. Why extreme positive or extreme negative M&A research results are not credible
  9. Why blanket assertions about M&A failure rates are not based on sound logic
  10. How the AOL/Time Warner merger, widely regarded as one of the worst mergers in history, actually benefited AOL shareholders

This concise webinar sorts fact from fiction and presents rock-solid evidence that will help executives make better M&A decisions.