Success Does The Most To Improve Morale in M&A

The trust level drops dramatically when major changes are made in an acquired company post-sale. Morale heads south. Loyalty, the tie that binds, comes unraveled. Job stress hits new highs. The overall effect can be punishing, like a hard fist slammed into the stomach of the organization. And it can knock the wind out of work groups..

As a manager, you’d better take these emotional matters seriously. Strong feelings strongly influence people’s behavior.  What all this means is that your job gets a heck of a lot harder. It does not mean that you should make attitudinal issues such as morale, trust, and employee loyalty your top priorities. You shouldn’t.

For now you should focus on problems, not symptoms. Tangibles rather than intangibles. Hard results instead of soft issues. You could waste a lot of precious time and energy chasing the wrong rainbows ...