Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions: New Game, New Goals

Excerpt from Mergers: Growth in the Fast Lane

The Big Shift

In today’s business world the game is growth. Ramping up. Getting bigger to get better. Some companies go at it conservatively, in incremental fashion. Other outfits shoot the works. Their game plan aims at exponential growth, and that usually means mergers and acquisitions . . . growing by leaps and bounds ... combining operations to get maximum market share, economies of scale, payback on technology investments.In other words, major upsizing, in high gear.

What’s driving this big shift toward dominating instead of downsizing?

Well, it’s that same old one-syllable word: change. But instead of struggling to cope with change, companies now are trying to conquer it. Today’s focus is on building. Buying. And because the world’s new, faster metabolism is catching hold, mergers are back.

Sure, shrinking and trimming will continue. We still need to squeeze out costs and soup up performance. But everybody’s doing that. And most folks have figured out that cutbacks, by themselves, won’t make you competitive for long. Having done some serious pruning, the corporate world now needs a good growing season . . .