Steering Committee Agenda

  • NewCo Vision
  • Integration Principles
  • Steering Committee: Roles and Responsibilities
  • IMO: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Team Leads: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Selection Criteria: Integration Team Leads
  • Steering Committee: Key Planning Deliverables
  • Integration – Weekly Meeting Process

Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provides strategic direction & sets priorities
  • Has ultimate ownership and decision-making authority
  • Pushes M&A integration team to exceed targets
  • Resolves major escalated issues and removes barriers
  • Ensures appropriate resources are provided

Steering Committee Key Planning Deliverables

  • Finalize integration objectives
  • Finalize synergy goals/timing
  • Finalize guiding principles
  • Finalize integration governance model
  • Identify issues & assess risks
  • Approve high-level integration calendar & milestones
  • Identify any ‘givens’
  • Determine communication requirements
  • Determine process for cultural assessment
  • Create launch plan ...


Slide titles:

SC Agenda

Guiding Principles

Newco Vision

Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Integration Lead Team: Roles & Responsibilites

Team Lead for Each Area: Roles & Responsibilities

Selecting Integration Team Leads

Integration Timeline

SC Planning: Deliverables

Integration Weekly Progress