So the job is over... Gone.

Choosing to “let go” is the next step in the unfolding of your career. Disconnecting from what’s going away is your first work, the crucial move needed to position yourself for something new. You might struggle against what is happening, curse the situation, or play the victim and sink into despair. All understandable. But letting go positions you for renewal. The wisdom lies in recognizing that letting go is not giving up . . . not failure or defeat. It’s releasing yourself from then, using now to the fullest extent, and shaping what comes next into a future perhaps as good or even better.

O.k. That's where we must begin: With the ending.

The secrets to success in this ever-changing world lie within—in your ideas and imagination … your energy and attitudes … your willingness to explore and take personal responsibility for your future. What just happened to your career wasn’t your decision. But you get to choose what happens next ...