Assessment of Turnover and Discussion of Retention Needs

  • Recent turnover?
  • Status of Critical Operational Talent list?
  • When will Critical Operational Talent discussions begin?

Status update on memo regarding org. design and synergies

  • Distributed?
  • Start/end date to submit final synergy templates to the IMO?
  • Finance Team’s/ Staffing & Retention Team’s involvement in the org. design/synergy refinement process?
  • Process/instructions for org. design?
  • How many tiers in entire organization?
  • Review and approval of org. design and final synergy templates?

Staffing Toolkit

  • All components drafted? Content complete and stable?
  • Formatted for ease of use?
  • Approved by legal of both companies? (Outside legal approval required?)
  • Produced? o Approved by Core Team? o Distributed to MT?
  • How/when will the Staffing Toolkit be distributed to hiring managers below Tier 2?

Status Update on Tier 2 Interviews and Selection ...