Process to Follow


  • Integration leads require additional data to create integration plans
  • Work streams request data to be “harvested”
  • Acquirer and Acquired Co. legal teams determine if the data requested is Non-Sensitive: OK for integration team to review or Sensitive: giving a business a competitive advantage or influence
  • All requests are considered and data is retrieved, if possible
  • Data is placed into a Virtual Data Room (VDR) Integration Team folder, for Non-Sensitive data and Clean Team folder and Legal Only folder for Sensitive data
  • As we get near to closing the deal, data will get declassified

Tool We’re Using for Requests

  • Using online spreadsheet from Smartsheet

    • Available to multiple users at same time. One True Source
    • Everyone to get an account to log in
  • Very Excel-like

    • With added features: adding files, comments, sharing, prompting colleagues for updates to a row of information
    • Will be offering training in Smartsheet
    • Lots of videos on YouTube to assist
  • Help document on our process is being created
  • Contact PRITCHETT if you have access issues

How to Submit Data Request

Changes to fields are made by:

  • Requester (when entering a request, adding files)
  • Team members (when making comments)
  • Legal teams (after assessing a request)
  • Acquired Co. staff (after a file is uploaded)...

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