Objectives of Presentation

  • To communicate the current thinking on the post merger integration process and structure 
  • To solicit feedback and input on the approach


  • Integration Guiding Principles (Example)
  • Integration Process Objectives
  • Integration Process Overview
  • Integration Team Structure & Phase Overview
  • Integration Project Roadmap

Objectives of the Post Merger Integration Process

  • Provide forum for clear decision making and risk management
  • Logically structure the work so that accountabilities are clear even though the organization is not yet fully defined
  • Facilitate rapid yet thoughtful planning for the achievement of synergies
  • Enable efficient communications and coordination among teams, functions, and business processes
  • Facilitate a rapid integration that starts immediately upon transaction close

Post Merger Integration Process Overview

  • We envision a four-phased integration approach to complete the transition to the combined company
  1. Pre-planning (announcement through kickoff)
  2. High-level planning (kickoff through January 15)
  3. Detailed planning (complete prior to close)
  4. Implementation (post close)
  • Integration teams have been identified that map to key value drivers of the deal and functional areas.  These teams will develop plans for a new, combined operating model and plans to transition to that model.
  • Initial integration activities focus on completing discovery and defining the high-level operating model for the new firm. 
  • Implementation of the plans (and the realization of synergy objectives) will be carried out post close by the new organization ...

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