Plan Contents

  • Assumptions
  • Branding Strategy
  • Team Charters (Branding, Marketing, Communications)
  • End States
  • Branding Migration
  • Branding Integration Plan
  • Dependencies
  • Savings and Cost Estimates
  • Risks and Mitigating Actions
  • Open Issues
  • Key Actions by Team (Branding, Marketing, Communications)


  • Marketing will be consolidated into one organization
  • Launch of one consolidated go-to-market plan for next year
  • Global Marketing will drive branding and development and sharing of best practices and regions will continue to drive development and execution of annual go-to-market plans
  • Brand will migrate to Acquirer beginning immediately upon close and migration will be complete by end of Q1 next year
  • All communication will be coordinated globally with opportunity for local customization to address region-specific issues

Branding Strategy

One Brand – Acquirer’s

  • Broader meaning in solutions context
  • Same target audience
  • Relatively homogeneous needs globally
  • Desire for global solutions by partners and clients
  • Overlapping value proposition
  • Greater investment in broad awareness building
  • No legal or translation issues identified

Team Charter: Branding

Charter Statement: Development and execution of the strategy and plan for the migration of the Acquiree’s brand under the Acquirer’s brand.

Areas in Team’s Scope:

  • Definition of the brand architecture for the Company
  • Development and execution of the detailed brand transition plan
  • Identification and migration of all business elements (including signage, collateral, promotional items, business documents, etc.)
  • Development of a budget to cover the cost of migration
  • Development and execution of a plan to build excitement and support for the Acquirer’s brand with employees, clients, partners and the general public ...

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