Seventeen-page playbook includes communication tips, talking points, letter, and answers to 45 FAQs. The document makes the job of sharing accurate, timely, consistent information with employees much easier.

Will offices or other facilities be closed?

For the time being there will be no changes and we will continue to go to market as we have in the past. We will begin immediately to get to know each other and develop plans to combine our businesses in the most effective way. As we make business decisions over time, we’ll work closely with our employees, customers and suppliers to ensure smooth transitions. 

Will I lose my job?

Changes may come, but not right away. As with any merger or acquisition, we know there will be some job changes and some overlap that will result in job eliminations. How many and where will take a bit more time to work through. Most people’s jobs won’t change, but others may end up with new or different responsibilities, or may report to someone new. The number and extent of job changes and reductions will depend on the unique needs of each business and department. We expect some reductions may happen within the first 90 days, and others may take longer as we integrate systems and businesses.

Our commitment to you is that we will outline a high-level process and timeline for finalizing the organizational structure within the next 30 days that will help people know what to expect ...