The 61-page M&A integration playbook specifies over 900 integration tasks for the following work streams:

Finance: Treasury | SAP Integration | Financial Close | Operational Reporting | Financial Reporting | Tax | Inventory Accounting | Acquisition Process | Investor Relations | Synergy Tracking | Organization Design

Information Technology: Infrastructure | IT Integration Program | Day 1 | HR | Legal | Corporate | Organizational Structure | Finance

Human Resources: Compensation | Retention | Deferred Comp | Long Term Incentive Plan | Severance | Gainsharing | Health & Rx | Dental | EAP | COBRA | Life | Com Plan | HSA | LTD | STD |401k | Pension | LOA | Com Day 1 | Com Day 2 | Drug Testing | Recruiting | Data Conversion | Payroll Timekeeping | Org Structure | Immigration | Workers Comp. | Training & Development | Compliance | Safety | Policies | Labor Relations | IT Help Desk | Educ. Assistance | Travel & Expense

Corporate: Day 1 - Employee Communications | Day 1 - Corporate | Day 1 – Safety | Corporate Giving | Communications | SG&A Synergies | Corporate Organization Structure

Legal: Intellectual Property Management | Contracts | Organization Planning | Corporate Secretary |Procurement | Legal Team Integration| System | Internal Audit | Compliance

Operations: Employee Onboarding | Safety | Customer and Vendor Integration | Operations | Operational Synergies | SAP Integration| Policies and Procedures | Day 1 Communications | Sales and Marketing Integration | Post Close Assessments

Playbook also provides links to additional files regarding pre-close rules of engagement, steering committee kick off presentation, Day 1 communications, and IMO tools.

The following are excerpts (a list of about 50 of the 900+ tasks in the playbook):  

Finance: Treasury 
Pay down Acquired Company's Term Loan
Implement Acquired Company's Line of Credit  -/+$10 million
Determine credit long term hold $500 Million Limit
Terminate Acquired Company's Revolver
Review public bonds and need for Acquired Company's 10K
Review need for consolidating footnote for Acquired Company's public bonds going forward
Review all Acquired Company's debt covenants; review for conforming to covenants
Cancel select Acquired Company's insurance policies
Make any changes to lockbox, bank signature pages; update wire security
Agree on process for sweeping cash between Acquiring Company / Acquired Company
Notify Acquiring Company's carriers of merger to cover new Acquired Company's entities
Move Acquired Company's surety bonds to Acquiring Company
Cancel or move Letters of Credit
IT: Infrastructure
Set up Email / Calendaring
Connect SharePoint (sharing documents)
Update Active Directory / name, phone, email
Set up Instant Messaging, Skype for Business
Plan Network Integration to support Day 1
Day 1 Communication:  Collaborate with Corporate
Redirect Acquired Company's website 
Test Application access (e.g. SAP, PeopleSoft, Lawson)
Set up Acquired Company's Office Auto-Attendants
Provide Acquired Company's Network Access at Acquiring Company
Support Acquired Company's Office Move
Standardize Client Computers
Integrate Networks
Identify Existing Acquired Company Month-end metrics and reports that will be reviewed
Human Resources: Communications 
Provide Pay & Benefits Overview for Salaried and Hourly employees
Communicate incentive plans
Determine Open Enrollment Dates
Set up acquiring Company's Badges for Integration Team & Key New York employees
Remove loan feature from Acquired Co 401(k) to align with Acquiring Company's 401(k) 
Corporate: Organization
Order business cards for new Company employees 
Develop and execute onboarding program for new Acquiring Company employees
Develop an educational program to orient new Corporate Affairs group with the business
Provide job descriptions to HR regarding any new or amended roles
Develop and execute plan to retain intellectual capital and transition employees into new roles.
Identify key retention personnel
Legal: Compliance
Transfer Acquired Company training licenses to Acquiring Company
Transfer Acquired Company Ethics Hotline to Acquiring Company
Consolidate cases into Acquiring Company case management system
Video licenses expire in next year - let expire or renew?
Add Acquired Company employees to Acquiring Company Compliance reporting system
Prepare any mandatory filings triggered by merger
Update Corporate Compliance Reporting
Operations: Employee Onboarding
Determine sequence of how management meets with leadership and employees
Finalize schedule, venues, presenters and audience for day one communications
Finalizing content and vehicles of employee communication
Develop Q&A on HR processes and policies
Determine who from the acquired company is going to be on site Day 1, and what are their roles?


Download file to see more of the checklist.