Out of Scope

1. Change management for separating entities post Day 1

Key Objectives

1. Develop an efficient and engaged organization to provide clarity and motivate and align employees to the direction of NewCo
2. Support alignment / harmonization of Key Business Processes, Policy, Procedure, legal, and tools through consistent and timely communications, and change management approaches
3. Manage a Smooth Separation Without Business Interruption through to handover to new owners
4. Sufficiently manage significant cultural conflicts of two businesses / teams to work collaboratively together in NewCo
5. Articulate of NewCo's strategy, vision, purpose, and values

High-Level Milestones


1. Plan and development of all communications events and messaging for Day / Week 1
2. Culture assessment completed with agreed action plans to implement
3. NewCo Identity confirmed (strategy, purpose, vision, values)

Day 1 + Day 30

1. Completed all formal communications / notifications per plan (employees, customers, suppliers, facility playbooks delivered and executed)
2. Executive leadership alignment / management events / trainings to enable leaders to manage and lead change in their organizations
3. Completed leadership site visits / town halls to engage employees as part of on-boarding process
4. Group Communications plan / processes / tools agreed for NewCo

First 6 Months

1. On-going communications as required to support the assimilation of the NewCo, ideally incorporated in the Group Communications plan / processes / tools established
2. Regular pulse surveys to identify gaps and further interventions required in communications, culture, change management

Key Interdependencies

1. Finalization of the org structure from HR to coordinate release of announcement
2. Support for collaterals development to support Day / Week 1 communications, and on-going adherence to market messages
3. Plant Closures: customized communications to each plant
4. Communications tools (email, intranet) enabled to support Day / Week 1 activities and beyond
5. Change impact to communicate to stakeholders / audiences
6. Successful execution of employee on-boarding / engagement events
7. Legal support to review and ensure all formal communications are within legal boundaries

Dependent on which Function 

1. HR workstream
2. Sales (marketing / PR support)
3. Manufacturing
4. IT workstream
5. Legal workstream

Exit Criteria  

1. All communications events completed per plan
2. Group communications plan / processes / tools established and executed ...

Slide titles:

M&A Integration Communication Charters from 3 Different Acquisitions

Communications Integration Charter

Communications Integration Charter

Communications Charter