High-Level M&A Integration Plans

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Security
  • Information Technology
  • Go to Market
  • Quote to Cash
  • Communications
  • Development
  • Product Introduction

M&A Plan Sections

Team Resources
From both Acquirer and Acquired Co.

Mission / Objectives
Clear mission statement articulating what the team needs to accomplish, its primary objectives and key operating decisions that have been made

Key Dependencies (Identify functional team)
Summary of critical dependencies each team has to complete its tasks

Out of Scope / Deferred Past 180+ Days
Activities/initiatives not specifically part of the integration

Risks / Mitigation Plan
Summary of key risks that could impact integration effectiveness and value creation opportunities

Information Technology High-Level Plan

Integration Objectives


  • Review applicable Acquirer and Acquired Co. licenses for terms or conditions that may require action prior to or at closing to retain rights to use or assign
  • Identify Day 1/Day 30 changes in data stewardship and determine whether or where there may be regulatory compliance impact
  • Identify infrastructure or other changes required to support Day 1 information technology actions (ex., conversion/transfer of Acquired Co. email accounts from Google to Office 365)
  • Ensure key Acquired Co. information technology employees identified for retention and facilitate transition
  • Ensure key Acquired Co. information technology services providers are identified and facilitate retention
  • Ensure plans developed to ensure readiness for Close / Day 1
  • Develop budget for necessary information technology enhancements to support integration

Day 1

  • Update website, email signatures, and other digital assets to indicate “a Acquirer Company”
  • Convert Acquired Co. Google Mail accounts to Office 365
  • Migrate all Acquired Co. shared and cloud drives to Office 365
  • Provision and provide workstations to all on-boarded Acquired Co. employees
  • Provide Active Directory (AD) Accounts, Acquirer Office Productivity/Office SharePoint, 365, HCM, and ERP access as appropriate to on-boarded Acquired Co. employees
  • Provide additional capacity and hours to Corporate IT help desk

Day 30

  • Convert Acquired Co. CRM data and ERP customer records
  • Facilitate conversion of ERP data
  • Evaluate enhancement or replacement of local IT support resources...

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