• Day One Implementation
  • What Must Happen on Day One
  • Three Phases of Integrations
  • Managing Expectations
  • HR: Day One
  • Headquarters Day 1 Event Schedule
  • They Won at HQ Will Be Telecast Worldwide
  • They Won Employee Welcome Package
  • Guidance for Field Force and Shift Workers
  • IT Accessibility for Acquiree On Day One

Day One Implementation

Day One is an Event – Worldwide

  • Plan Consistently Across All Sites
  • Manage Expectations
  • Deliver a Consistent Message

Designed Around 3 Core Goals

  • Welcome to Acquirer
  • Communicate Shared Vision
  • Foster Collaboration Going Forward

What Must Happen on Day One

  • Ensure Every Employee Knows Who He or She Reports to on Day One
  • Ensure Every Employee Knows Who His or Her HR Contact Is
  • Maintain Continuity of Payroll and Benefits Systems for All Employees
  • Ensure Managers and HR Staff Are Prepared to Answer Tough Employee Questions
  • Communicate Selection and Severance Policies

Three Phases of Integrations

  1. Information gathering and hypothesis generation

    Key activities:

    • Establish baseline for decision making
    • Generate initial hypothesis
    • Validate synergies
  2. Integration planning and decision making

    Key activities:

    • Recommend and approve integration approach
    • Produce detailed integration plans
  3. Implementation

    • Execute implementation plans
    • Progress tracking (synergies and milestones)


  • Business leaders accountable for recommendations and implementation
  • Integration office manages and tracks overall process

Day One Employee Welcome Package

Branded Welcome Box to Include:

  • Welcome gift (travel clock)
  • Welcome letter from CEO
  • Local schedule of activities
  • FAQ document
  • Acquirer fact sheet
  • Division Organizational charts
  • (new reporting structure)
  • IT Day One Fact sheet ...

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