- Governance Process
- Governance Structure Covers All Levels
- List of Key Decisions Per Process
- Criteria to Allocate Authority
- Decision Matrix  

- Values & Behaviors
- Actions to Change Culture
- Trade Offs

H Q Move
- Creation of New HQ
- HR Topics to Be Discussed/ Addressed
- Open Issues

- Establishing Feedback Loops

Change Management
- Change Management Activities
- Roll-out a Transition Management Toolkit
- Building Cross-Organization Relations  

Vision, Operating Framework and Leadership Alignment: Define a shared vision including business model, governance, processes, roles & responsibilities, Measurements and align leadership around them

Culture: Define new Values, assess current cultures and create culture integration plan

HQ: Create and implement a change management plan for the move

Communication and Feedback Loops: Establish a communication plan and local feedback loops

Staffing: Define and implement clear staffing principles and process

Transition Management: Roll-out a Transition management toolkit to support employees to  adapt to change and deal with culture clash ...

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