Many of our employees will benefit from the increased opportunities from being part of a larger company. Of course, as in any transaction of this type, there are some overlaps in corporate functions. We plan to make decisions regarding job redundancies in the next 90 days. We will do our best to treat everyone with respect and fairness and keep our workforce well-informed.

Over the course of today, you can learn more about the acquisition (merger) via:

  • Press release and news interviews
  • Company AB Day 1 employee newsletter
  • Employee town hall meetings and webcast
  • Functional calls, meetings and webcasts (specific to HR, IT, Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing and Product Development teams, etc.)

Going forward, Company AB newsletters will provide periodic updates on the integration’s progress, and answers to questions submitted. Additional sources of information will be:

  • CompanyAB.com
  • Intranet
  • Your manager
  • Email questions to questions@CompanyAB.com
  • Town hall webcast replay
  • Investor webcast replay

We commit to updating you as we reach important integration milestones. Thank you for your continued support.
Company AB