Comprehensive M&A Synergy Tracking Tool

Includes examples of overhead cost and synergy projections, and synergy tracking report (by type, work stream, and risk)

The Headings of the 29 Columns in the Excel Template:

Instructions/Descriptions of Columns
A Synergy Initiative #
B Function - Business/Product Line - Sub-function
C Workstream
D Workstream Ref #
E Description of Synergy Opportunity
F Category
G Date Original Input
H Date Updated
I Eliminate Redundancy
J Revenue Increase
K Service Level
L Service Delivery Model
M Phase 1: Opportunity Identified
N Phase 2: Approved
O Phase 3: Implemented
P Salaries & Wages
Q Payroll-related Costs
R Dues/Subscriptions
S Facilities Costs
T Other Non-Labor
V Position Title
W Date Estimated Implement
X Date Actual Implement
Y Risk-Exposure L,M,H
Z Difficulty
AA Transfer? Y/N
AB Costs to achieve ($000s) (excluding severance)
AC Comments