Make an effort to be forgiving of errors in management, or what you perceive to be faulty management.

You need to keep in mind that management fouled up now and then before the merger, too. But the merger makes people more sensitive and less tolerant of management mistakes.

Of course, what looks to you like a mistake may be precisely the right move for management to make. Or it may be the best move under the circumstances. Higher management can see things from a different perspective, and they usually know some important things you don’t know about the situation.

Very often there are no easy answers or “school solutions” to merger and acquisition problems. So when you see higher management do something that looks wrong to you, it may be the lesser evil.

There is real need now for you to be supportive of your boss, and of higher-level executives too. Management needs your backing and support, your efforts and energy.

Even if what looks to you like a mistake actually is a management blunder, there are some things you should keep in mind. First, managers often have to improvise or feel their way along in a merger. They don’t always have all the necessary facts. Managers usually have to “learn as they go” in the way they handle many merger problems. Or, they may be doing what they simply have to do—in other words, they may be boxed in by higher orders or by the situation itself. Your boss may be boiling inside, but feel compelled to defend the actions of the company. And the company itself may not have any appealing options.

Managers can’t please everyone. They have to make some trade-offs.

So be willing to give these people the benefit of the doubt. Try to understand things from the viewpoint of higher management. Put yourself in their shoes. Making a merger work is a tough job.

If you were in charge of things now, there is no way you could keep everyone happy and be a responsible executive.

It is easy to blame, criticize, and point your finger at what other people are doing wrong. But it’s probably more worthwhile for you to just make sure you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Concentrate your efforts on trying to be part of the solution, instead of letting yourself become part of the problem.