Might as Well Embrace Uncertainty

When uncertainty clouds the future, people generally set about trying to eliminate it. There's nothing wrong with wanting to minimize our "not knowing," but here's the dilemma: Sometimes uncertainty won't yield to our efforts ... we personally can't make it go away. Even if our natural inclination is to get rid of the uncertainty, often we just have to be wih it.

This doesn't mean you should resort to a wait-and-see attitude. You can wait-and-do, busying yourself in productive, gratifying, peace-giving ways while uncertainty has its hour. You can use this vague, ambiguous time for your own discovery and growth ... for uncommon accomplishments.

The key is to manage yourself instead of trying to manage the uncertainty from a merger. But don't count on your instincts to guide you—doing what comes naturally leads to self-defeating behavior. Uncertainty requires special treatment, counterintuitive moves, before it will reveal to you its best possibilities ...