1. Stay Focused on Your Job: It is hard to focus your attention on routine work when intriguing things are happening close by. We’re all attracted to “high drama.” But you must maintain laser-like concentration on your organization's priorities right now. Management needs you to stay focused on the business and your customers. 
  2. Keep Adding Value: Uncertainty encourages people to slow down, become cautious, hesitate. Your company can’t afford that, especially right now when its performance is under the media microscope. So start each morning by asking yourself, “What can I do to add value at work today?” Then make sure you do. 
  3. Resist the Urge to Speculate: Speculation may seem harmless, but in fact, it fuels the rumor mill and adds noise to the system. That makes it harder for management to get you reliable information quickly. So please resist the urge to speculate.
  4. Don’t Waste Time Doing Detective Work: Surfing the web for the latest breaking news may seem like a responsible thing to do, and it's good to be interested in what’s happening. But spending your time searching and sorting through all that’s being published can’t help but distract you from what you do best. Your company probably has professionals helping them stay abreast of all the media coverage and they know which sources are reliable and trustworthy. So don’t waste your time doing detective work ...