• Integration Value Drivers
  • Integration Complete
  • Integration Guiding Principles
  • Non-Negotiables
  • Integration Priorities
  • Key Questions by Area
  • Revised Integration Team Structure
  • Charters

Integration Value Drivers

Integration planning and execution are focused on new sources of value:

  • Align sales to capture client synergies. Sell hardware and services to Acquiree client base and sell Acquiree’s software into Acquirer client base to create incremental net new revenue.
  • Retain top talent. Keep and motivate the key players from both companies.
  • Leverage Acquiree’s mid-market expertise. Create new markets by exploiting expertise and existing relationships.
  • Exploit our global footprint. Build hardware and services capability in EMEA and APAC.
  • Identify cost savings. Make smart decisions that optimize efficiency and operating margin.
  • Grow Acquirer’s services business. Expand our breadth of offerings and target service market.
  • Leverage scale in purchasing and product management. Use our increased buying power to improve our cost equation.

Integration Complete

The integration will be complete when we:

  • Resolve all open integration-related org issues so every employee has clarity on their role and reporting relationship.
  • Standardize critical accounting policies (with a focus on revenue recognition) and implement a common budgeting, forecasting, and reporting process that allows for global visibility.
  • Migrate to a single system for titles, base compensation guidelines, and a performance management process
  • Define a single sales engagement model that clarifies account ownership, compensation and available sales support expertise and implement (with adjustments as necessary) for 100% of our reps in each geography.
  • Transition to a single Acquirer brand for all market facing items in all our geographies worldwide.
  • Align cost and price for SKUs duplicated in legacy systems and define the process for adding SKUs and maintaining consistency.
  • Define client experience and supporting transaction process and consolidate client contracts, collections, and other client touches throughout the process.
  • Rationalize the partner management process and related items (including contracts, credit, investments and quotas, and reporting) for our partner relationships so that our partners can interact with us as one company.
  • Optimize office space where possible and realize $X (TBD) in annualized savings relative to the baseline.
  • Develop and implement the infrastructure and processes that allow Acquirer to operate 100% independently from any support currently governed by the Transition Services Agreement ...

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