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Lessons from 1,000 Deals by Price Pritchett

Lessons from 1,000 Deals

By Price Pritchett, Ph. D.

Best Practices in Acquisition Integration


Merger integration is a hazardous zone. Things happen fast. There are so many moving parts. It’s a high-risk environment where mistakes can damage your own career, or cause unnecessary problems and pain for many other people.

Now for the upside: In the M&A game you can become a hero. An MVP. It’s a unique playing field where talent and high performance shine through. Do things right, and you can really make a name for yourself.


I’m writing primarily to the people responsible for executing a successful integration. You might be the CEO, another key executive, or someone in the Integration Management Office. Maybe you’re a specialist in change management, organization development, culture, or communications. You might even sit on the board of directors—you’ve got skin in this game ...