AOL Insider:  Here Are 12 Reasons Why
The AOL-Huffington Post Merger Is Going Down In Flames

This article was picked up by Drudge Report, fanning out across the ether to poison the well in the minds of who knows how many millions of readers.  Arianna Huffington’s smiling face and the scorching “12 Reasons” traveled together at light speed.  Naturally, you were invited to print, email, or otherwise share the article.  If so inclined, you could add to the critique with your own comments.

How does one calculate the damage an article like this can do?  Here you have a $315 million deal being publicly blistered via the Internet, and the merger is still only a few weeks old.  The integration process has suddenly gotten a lot harder.

How credible is the article?  Well, I can’t say.  But it names names and gives specifics to make the case in its dirty dozen. 

Who will be paying attention?  Let’s make a list:  Employees, shareholders, headhunters, vendors, clients/customers, the competition.... And, as already shown, the business press loves to feed on this sort of news ...